Wedding Favours & Bespoke Packs

Our Bee and Butterfly Friendly Seeds make perfect wedding favours – eco-friendly, beautifully designed gifts that will grow vibrant flowers to remind your guests of your special day long after the date!

We can put your names and the date on each pack or you can simply buy our regular Bee-Mine packs.

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Minimum order 10, contact us for details on larger orders, pricing, delivery times etc.


BESPOKE PACKSChain bridge bee Nov13

We supply bespoke packs for corporate events, special promotions, marketing or any type of special occasion.  We can put your logo, website and a short message on our packs and really help your brand stand out.  They’re eco-friendly too, something we know more and more companies care about. Minimum order 10, please contact us for pricing and delivery times.



NEW  STYLE PACKS – Watercolour illustration

Bee PDFBF PDFWe have created new style packet beautifully illustrated by Vicky Ellis (Bee) and Pip Hope (Butterfly). These are available as bespoke packs as well as standard design. These are ideal for wedding favours.  Minimum order 10, please contact us for details.